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In the fast-paced business world where every dollar spent is scrutinized for its return, Learner Mobile is revolutionizing the e-learning landscape with our Dollar Value Pack. Picture this: an irresistible offer where licensing fees are pegged at just $1 per user per month, and the benefits are as rich and diverse as a gourmet menu.

Elevate Your Learning Experience

For companies with 2,000 or more users, the Dollar Value Pack is a game-changer. Our most sought-after plan, “Elevate,” allows you to experience all our features that redefine digital training. From a built-in authoring tool empowering content authors and administrators to AI functionality that elevates the learning experience, our Dollar Value Pack is filled with cutting-edge tools.

Unparalleled Services at Unbeatable Rates

We sweeten the deal with Canva integrations, SCORM wrapping, auto-certification, badging, and comprehensive data analytics. It’s not just about getting more value; it’s about getting more than you ever imagined from a learning platform.

For those visionary companies leveraging our in-house course design services, the Dollar Value Pack is even more enticing. The $1 licensing plan is your golden ticket, and the first five courses crafted by our in-house team are on the house! Yes – world-class digital training, customized to your needs, and the first five courses are absolutely free.

Tailored Savings for Every Business

No matter the size of your organization, we have tailored options to fit your needs. If you have fewer than 2,000 users, fear not – our licensing fees are incredibly low, ensuring access to top-notch e-learning is within reach. And for the big players with over 10,000 users, let’s talk – because when it comes to scale, we believe in applying even deeper discounts.

Check Out Your Perfect Plan

Curious about how Learner Mobile’s Dollar Value Pack fits into your budget? Take a peek at our pricing chart below and discover the category that aligns with your company’s aspirations. Unleash the power of learning without breaking the bank – it’s not just a deal; it’s an investment in your company’s future.

Embrace the future of learning with Learner Mobile – where the Dollar Value Pack is your key to simply develop everyone at a price that makes business sense.


Mike Thompson – CEO, SVI and Learner Mobile

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