The Secret Sauce To Learner Mobile… And Why It Matters

The Secret Sauce To Learner Mobile… And Why It Matters

Learner Mobile has a secret sauce, but it may not be what you expect. Sure, Learner Mobile has a
competitive edge from its modernized user experience and built-in authoring/creator tool that saves
administrators lots of money. While those, and many other features, give the market a compelling
reason to choose Learner Mobile over others, our true differentiator is something else.

To understand it, it’s important to understand a bit of our history. Learner Mobile is not a company. It’s
a flagship product created, maintained, managed, deployed, and elevated by the Talent Development
company, SVI ( SVI began in 2003 and has delivered customized training for clients
all around the world. SVI’s training programs and products have been experienced in multiple formats
and languages by millions of employees from medium to large-sized companies and governments. SVI is
known for delivering the most effective, engaging, and innovative training fast without compromising on quality.

We’ve achieved much success over those 20 years and learned a lot along the way. One of those
learnings was that our model wasn’t allowing us to achieve our deeply important mission:

We love people.
We believe that everyone is worthy, but not everyone is seen.
We believe that everyone has potential, but not everyone is grown.
We believe that love is a verb, and it’s our greatest commandment.
For us, loving means lifting others up through learnings.
And that’s why we “simply develop everyone!”

With our existing model, we were unable to deliver on that last sentence and struggled to scale our training to reach “everyone”. To do that, we needed to find a way to get training out even faster, at a much lower cost, and
in a way that didn’t just support the corporate workforce, but field-based workers across all industries.
This is why SVI created Learner Mobile – a learning management system (LMS) built to reach all workers
and support their success.

We launched Learner Mobile beta in 2014 and deployed to its first clients. We’re happy to say that those
first clients are still clients today. Learner Mobile was refreshing to them because it wasn’t a clunky LMS,
and it was easily accessible anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Great story, Mike, but what’s the secret sauce? Good question. The secret sauce is our award-winning
training design and development capabilities. No other training software company has the training
solutions expertise that SVI and Learner Mobile have. We provide world-class software AND training
design services to our customers at low prices. I can’t explain how difficult it was to bring two different
models together and deploy them to operate seamlessly. But since we are a mission-minded company,
we had no other option. Our mission demanded that we scale our business AND provide best-in-class
training services and solutions. That meant that we had to lower our costs through technology and help
our clients deliver training faster and in a way that was effective for all workers through short-form and
shorter shelf-life content.

So, that’s what we did. And that’s what we do today – lean on Learner Mobile for low-cost scalability
while still delivering best-in-class training programs and products.

What’s exciting for us is that our clients get a low-cost and scalable training solution that includes a
modernized, next-generation LMS AND the best training programs and products from our highly skilled
and incredibly talented design team. That’s our secret sauce.


Mike Thompson – CEO, SVI and Learner Mobile

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