Your Retail LMS Solution

On demand training for your team

Create store awareness for items and brands featured during holidays, events, new releases, and more! Quickly address new challenges with regular updates, and make real-time adjustments to ensure that retail staff remain well-equipped to meet the industry’s ever-changing demands.

Don't lose the holiday Spirit

We know the retail industry loves its seasonal workers. Learner Mobile supports your seasonal needs with transferable license fees. 

Create your training fast

Easily create training for your retail team in minutes with Learner Mobile’s full-velocity authoring tool, built right into your platform. This tool allows you to build and streamline training, quizzes, and achievements.

Optimize onboarding with speed and engagement

Digitize your onboarding process with Learner Mobile for up to a 50% increase in new employee speed to readiness. Explore how Learner Mobile can enhance your onboarding experience.

Increase speed-to-readiness

Your team must keep pace with evolving goals and trends. Track how your training is being consumed and implemented. Evaluate your team’s growth and success with real-time data.