Profile Switching Goes Public!

At Learner Mobile, our focus is on serving the modern learner. This isn’t easy – modern learners move fast and they expect the tech tools they use to stay ahead of their needs and wants. That means Learner Mobile must be nimble and quick to identify new features and enhancements that will keep our modern learner moving and winning every day.

One way we meet this critical need is to continually communicate with our clients. Learner Mobile is not software-as-a-service. Instead, we’re software-with-service. Every Learner Mobile customer has a client champion responsible for understanding their business, knowing their learners, and ensuring that Learner Mobile is meeting their nonstop learning needs. These client champions make sure our clients are getting their money’s worth, and in return, Learner Mobile enjoys having the very best source of inspiration for what’s next in our platform – our clients!

This is certainly the case with our latest and greatest enhancement: profile switching.

Profile switching gives learners the power to choose their training view. Think of it like Netflix – for learning. Just as Netflix offers profiles for everyone in a household, Learner Mobile profile switching allows users who wear multiple hats to change views as they move throughout their day. For example, imagine you’re a manager in a busy store. You may have a profile of personal training content related to your overall store responsibility; however, you may also want to switch profiles to get a clear view of each department’s training profile as you move about the store. Profile switching provides that flexibility.

Profiles have always been a part of the Learner Mobile platform. They are an incredibly simple, yet powerful way for administrators to target content to specific audiences. In the past, they’ve been hidden from learners; however, several clients made a strong case for revealing the profiles to their learners and giving them the agility to move around to various profiles that relate to their roles. Our user studies showed they were absolutely right – and with that, profile switching was born! It’s an example of how our wonderful clients can be the very best source of amazing innovations that benefit our learner audiences.


Mike Thompson, CEO, SVI and Learner Mobile.

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