Navigating the Future with Learner Mobile’s AI-Powered Content Creator Tool

Navigating the Future with Learner Mobile’s AI-Powered Content Creator Tool

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As someone who vividly recalls the Y2K frenzy in 1999, I can’t help but draw parallels to the current apprehension surrounding Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). While it’s natural to harbor concerns and initiate debates, it’s equally important to explore the immense possibilities and opportunities that AI presents. At Learner Mobile, we not only acknowledge these concerns but also champion a responsible and compelling approach that brings substantial advantages to users and administrators of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Today, our Content Creator Tool at Learner Mobile boasts AI capabilities that empower LMS administrators and instructional designers to swiftly craft fresh, engaging, and relevant course content in mere minutes, bypassing the need to consult external systems like ChatGPT during the course-building process. AI is seamlessly integrated into our platform at the course element level, allowing each section, module, or lesson to be effortlessly shaped by AI with minimal input.

Excitingly, in the upcoming months, Learner Mobile is set to launch a BETA feature called “Source to Course.” This innovative feature will enable any administrator to take source content from a PowerPoint presentation, Word document, or PDF file and seamlessly upload it into our AI-generated course builder. The result? Instant transformation of your source content into comprehensive training material, complete with course structure, content, case studies, quizzes, activities, and all the elements that contribute to engaging and effective training courses.

This “Source to Course” feature is a game-changer for our clients who are eager to rapidly develop, review, and deploy training courses that are not just timely but also derived from valuable source content, ensuring they remain fresh and relevant. If you’re intrigued and want to be a part of this exciting BETA initiative, simply click the button below, and we’ll provide you with free access once it goes live. We invite you to join us on our AI journey, and we’re enthusiastic about navigating the endless possibilities together.

Thank you for considering Learner Mobile as your partner in embracing the future of AI-driven learning. We’re eager to collaborate and explore the vast potential that lies ahead.


Mike Thompson – CEO, SVI and Learner Mobile

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