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Profile Switching Goes Public!

Profile Switching Goes Public!

At Learner Mobile, our focus is on serving the modern learner. This isn’t easy – modern learners move fast and they expect the tech tools they use to stay ahead of their needs and wants. That means Learner Mobile must be nimble and quick to identify new features and...

HR Tech Outlook Awards Learner Mobile as Top LMS for 2021

HR Tech Outlook Awards Learner Mobile as Top LMS for 2021

Originally published in August 2021 HR Tech Outlook: The journey of Learner Mobile began with a humble beginning and greater goals. Founded in 2013...

Brick-and-mortar Retail’s Secret Advantage

Brick-and-mortar Retail’s Secret Advantage

With shoppers relying more and more on the online marketplace to buy everything from cars to crayons, many business analysts continue questioning brick-and-mortar retail’s role in commerce. The COVID-19 pandemic raised even more questions about in-person shopping’s...

There’s Science Behind the Modern Learner’s Success

There’s Science Behind the Modern Learner’s Success

“Follow the science” is a term we hear often from experts as we battle global pandemics. This same statement also resonates with us at Learner Mobile as we serve the needs and desires of Modern Learners and the organizations that engage them. Like we have said before,...


Modern Learner Attributes

As you’ve been following Learner Mobile, you’ve likely noticed that we talk a lot about the Modern Learner. We’ve become so familiar with Modern Learners that we sometimes think of them as family who needs no introduction. Before this omission becomes awkward, we’d like to introduce you to the Modern Learner and explain their persona so that you will recognize them anywhere – because that’s where they are.

To start, we study the Modern Learner – their attributes, goals, worldview, and preferred work environments:

  • Attributes – driven, flexible, and introspective
  • Goals – stays informed, seeks recognition and reward, connects with others, and wants to win everyday
  • Worldview – instant, on-demand, and personalized
  • Work Environment – untethered, dynamic (not static), and results-based

Modern Learners want to learn and train at all times and in the flow of their work. They often rebel against traditional learning that is delivered onsite at specific intervals, duration and times.  Live training facilitation will be the exception – not the rule. Modern Learners never stop learning and they prefer not to wait for a conference to invest in their skill and knowledge development. Learning must be on-demand – getting the right information at the perfect time so that they can perform their jobs and win the day.  Understanding this, we designed Learner Mobile for these Modern Learners to engage in an intuitive way – similarly to how people now stream movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Learner Mobile meets an organization’s Modern Learners when and where they need to learn. We went beyond responsive design by building individualized experiences for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops that maximize the strengths of each of these platforms.  Increasingly, Modern Learners prefer to learn on mobile devices which is why mobile use is at the center of all we develop. Providing continuous learning in bite-sized content, delivered in digestible chunks of information that can be consumed within 5-minutes or less is how we keep up with Modern Learners and meet their work and lifestyle needs.

Going forward we will continue to soak up the needs and desires of Modern Learners and the organizations that engage them.  You will see this reflected in our continuous improvement of functions and the addition of innovative and new features.

At Learner Mobile, our technology will continue to take on the heavy lifting in delivering a learner-centric experience that is personalized, on-demand, and untethered – for the Modern Learner and for higher-performing organizations.


Mike Thompson – CEO, SVI and Learner Mobile

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