Learner Mobile’s Third-Generation Mobile App

Many of you know that we designed Learner Mobile to meet the needs of modern learners. It’s been three years since we launched our last major update – and the modern learner has evolved in the way they work, communicate, and consume things. COVID has certainly made a significant impact as we were distanced from each other. Some things will return to the way they were, but many things won’t.

It is important that Learner Mobile continues to support the modern learner as things change.  Modern learners will do away with anything and everything that slows down their progress, and their learning and training needs never stop. As work and lifestyles change, learning should too and we’re happy to lead the way.

So, we’ve introduced Learner Mobile 3.0 and are so excited about it. From the initial feedback we’ve received from these modern learners – they are excited too! I think we nailed it.

In some ways, the modern learner’s ‘adapt to thrive’ mentality has weaved its way into our business at Learner Mobile. We launched our platform initially to give companies an opportunity to replace their high-cost learning management systems by allowing them to create their own training content. We then brought that employee training to smartphones, which means employees could easily access training content at any time via their mobile devices. Our approach was focused on delivering ideal content to users at the exact moment of need.

Here we are, just a few short years later, and already so much has changed. Younger generations are entering the workforce, and we’re all working so much differently than we were a few months ago. Our client’s needs have also changed and grown and have created new demand for innovative types of learning products and services. This has opened up additional areas for Learner Mobile to meet those changing needs.

Learner Mobile was built for modern learners, and their learning and training needs never stop. That’s why I’m so proud to announce our third-generation mobile app. The user experience on our third-generation mobile app is second-to-none. It’s game-changing. Predictive algorithms curate relevant and timely content. Not only is traditional and compliance curriculum served up like any LMS, but so is the informal, on-demand, just-in-time, micro- and community learning – that other LMSs often can’t do. Plus, the user experience is sleek, simple, and intuitive. It makes navigation easy and learning fun. 


Mike Thompson – CEO, SVI and Learner Mobile

Are you ready to update your LMS? See how Learner Mobile’s third-generation mobile app connects with modern learners.

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