Learner Mobile’s LMS is the Preferred Provider to Independent Colleges and University of Texas Member Institutions

Group Purchasing Agreement Grants Member Institutions Access to Learner Mobile’s Cutting-Edge LMS Platform for More Convenient Learning and Skill Building

DALLAS, TX, June 28, 2021 — Learner Mobile, the fast-growing EdTech platform revolutionizing learning management systems (LMS), today announced a group purchasing agreement with the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT) to become a preferred LMS provider for the nonprofit association’s member institutions.

ICUT supports Texas’ 42 independent nonprofit colleges and universities through advocacy, policy research and data analysis, collaborative programming, group purchasing agreements, scholarships and more. ICUT’s member institutions have a wide variety of missions, with some focused on the liberal arts, and others science and research. Additionally, these institutions may serve a traditional population of undergraduates, while others open doors for older working adults who are combining a full-time job with pursuit of an advanced degree as well as Texas students whose financial circumstances would otherwise limit higher education opportunities. With such varying needs among member institutions, ICUT sought an LMS provider that could accommodate the diversity of learning requests not only among the different colleges and universities, but also for their respective faculties, administrative staff and of course, students.

“As remote or on-the-go learning becomes more the norm than the exception, higher education faculty, administrators and students want access to on-demand, real-time curriculum or training that is more in tune with their work and lifestyle,” said Dr. Steven Johnson, President, ICUT. “With Learner Mobile, we have a partner that understands the importance of engaging people on their terms. By delivering compelling and convenient content for any device, ICUT’s 42 members can all offer curriculum that is unique to each institution and create learning experiences that match their modern learners’ needs.”   

Learner Mobile’s award-winning platform, utilized by leading retail, healthcare and higher education brands, delivers learning content in more consumable, engaging formats and utilizes advanced predictive insights to present relevant content to users, based on their profile, interests and activity. With over five million learning engagements so far, it also allows learners to interact with education and training content and each other while also providing detailed analytics on usage, engagement and effectiveness – to enable personal and professional growth.

“How we learn continues to change rapidly, and organizations want flexible LMS platforms that deliver compelling content, conveniently. Engaging with modern learners for almost a decade, Learner Mobile knows how to meet the education and training needs of organizations today,” said Mike Thompson, CEO, Learner Mobile. “Like most products or services, people expect convenience, easy-to-use formats, and on-demand delivery for their education. ICUT is now enabling its members to develop, deliver and customize content and curriculum to meet the diverse needs of its 42 colleges and universities that serve as a vibrant and sustainable resource in Texas’ higher education system.”

About the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas

The Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, Inc. (ICUT), is a nonprofit association that serves as the voice for Texas’ fully-accredited private colleges and universities.  For over 50 years, it has fulfilled its mission of helping policymakers recognize the importance and value of the independent sector of higher education by successfully articulating the sector’s needs and aspirations. ICUT supports Texas

independent nonprofit colleges and universities by strengthening member institutions through advocacy, policy research and collaboration. 

About Learner Mobile

Learner Mobile is a B-2-B software-as-a-service provider delivering next-generation LMS solutions that are secure and scalable for today’s modern learning experience. With two decades as an LMS consultant, curriculum developer, services provider and technology integrator, Learner Mobile’s team took its deep insight into EdTech’s product opportunities and created LMS  focused on a learner-centric experience and the need for mobility and simplicity. Along with meeting modern learners where they work and live, Learner Mobile delivers Performance Insights and Intelligence that allow organizations to deliver continuous learning that’s far more engaging and adaptable when compared to traditional LMS education models considered to be inflexible and out of step with today’s modern learners.

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