Learner Mobile Unveils Third-generation Mobile App to Continue Connecting its LMS with Modern Learners

Modern Learners want to receive information in convenient formats, when and where they want and Learner Mobile’s new mobile experience adapts content and curriculum in familiar ways that reward the learner and the organization 

DALLAS, June 16, 2021 — Learner Mobile, the fast-growing education technology platform that’s revolutionizing learning management systems (LMS), today unveiled its latest, third-generation Learner Mobile app to complement previous upgrades to its desktop app. Learner Mobile’s new mobile app is a powerful and convenient platform featuring highly curated content and discovery tools that modern learners can use to grow their knowledge in ways that fit their work and lifestyles. With over five million learning engagements so far, the platform allows people to interact with their organization’s content and each other while also providing detailed analytics on usage, engagement and effectiveness – to enable personal and organizational growth.

“In boldly pioneering the future of the LMS platform for almost a decade through our learner-centric focus on  convenience, continuous learning and configurability, Learner Mobile helps organizations deliver just-in-time content to improve organizational performance and ensure their people are in position to succeed,” said Mike Thompson, Learner Mobile, CEO. “With built-in authoring and user-focused algorithms that dynamically serve up relevant learning opportunities, organizations can quickly deploy formal and informal content, curriculum or training that goes beyond compliance and becomes continuous learning for everyone with a performance first mindset.

From its beginnings as an LMS consultant, curriculum developer and technology integrator for close to a decade, the first Learner Mobile platform kept the learner’s experience top-of-mind with award-winning service and technology. Clients, ranging from retail and healthcare, to higher education, used the platform’s flexibility to customize content experiences that modern learners crave and consume. After first launching the Learner Mobile app in 2013 and upgrading it in 2018, Learner Mobile’s third-generation mobile app is extending its advantages over traditional LMS by delivering an even greater user experience based on:  

  • Mobile First – meets learners when and where they want to learn by going beyond responsive design to build individualized experiences for phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop that maximize the strengths of each platform
  • Personalized Experience – predictive algorithms curate relevant and timely learning content to ensure the right content is served up to the right person at the perfect time so they can perform at their best
  • Informal & Formal Learning – not only is traditional and compliance curriculum served up like any LMS, but so is the informal, on-demand, just in-time, micro- and community learning – that other LMS’s often can’t do
  • Agile & Flexible System – whether content already exists or needs to be created or curated, built-in authoring tools make it easy to create and update fresh, timely and relevant content
  • Customizable & Configurable – the platform can take on the look and feel of any organization with custom logos, colors, images, and media — so that a brand’s or organization’s unique culture shines through
  • Sleek, Simple, Intuitive – the award-winning user experience is built for simplicity, making navigation easy and learning fun
  • Performance Insights & Intelligence – powerful analytics go beyond pure compliance checks to capture real-time data on all behaviors within the system to help drive performance and continuous improvement
  • Secure & Scalable – high-level of security for content, data, and logins, meeting the strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standard established by the European Union, with system scalability built in

Effective knowledge sharing empowers people to succeed in work and life’s pursuits, and by making learning more accessible and convenient creates even greater opportunities for everyone. We are thrilled to play a role in helping our clients deliver on their mission and for their learners to benefit from the knowledge being shared,” Thompson added.

About Learner Mobile

Learner Mobile is a B-2-B software-as-a-service provider delivering next-generation LMS solutions that are secure and scalable for today’s modern learning experience. With two decades as an LMS consultant, curriculum developer, services provider and technology integrator, Learner Mobile’s team took its deep insight into EdTech’s product opportunities and created LMS  focused on a learner-centric experience and the need for mobility and simplicity. Along with meeting modern learners where they work and live, Learner Mobile delivers Performance Insights and Intelligence that allow organizations to deliver continuous learning that’s far more engaging and adaptable when compared to traditional LMS education models considered to be inflexible and out of step with today’s modern learners.

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