Learner Mobile Transforms On-the-Go HIPAA Training for Healthcare Professionals

Learner Mobile Transforms On-the-Go HIPAA Training for Healthcare Professionals

For nearly a decade now, Learner Mobile has been supporting healthcare workers around the world. In this time, our team has cultivated a profound understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals — the relentless conditions and overwhelming demands that shape their daily grind.

So, we didn’t just stop at acknowledging their struggles; we made it part of our mission to make their training simpler and more accessible to increase their speed to readiness and engagement. The Learner Mobile team invested substantial time delving into their narratives, understanding their barriers, and configuring our Learning Management System (LMS) to be an ally through the many challenges. Here’s a glimpse of how Learner Mobile has evolved in support.

  1. Training Content Tailored for Quick In/Quick Out Consumption: Take, for instance, our realization that HIPAA training, while indispensable, often becomes a cumbersome ordeal. Healthcare professionals find themselves scrounging for hours in their day, resorting to accessing training materials in the confined spaces of clinics. In response, we innovated new HIPAA training designed as bite-sized lessons. Now, healthcare workers can consume these snippets at their convenience, seamlessly integrating learning into their hectic schedules. The power is back in the hands of healthcare professionals, allowing them to decide when, how, and where to engage most productively with the training.
  2. Accessible On-Demand from Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device: Recognizing the on-the-go lifestyle of healthcare professionals, Learner Mobile prioritized making training accessible on mobile devices. Whether on the subway commuting to work or during well-deserved breaks, healthcare workers can now engage with training materials effortlessly. Delivering content through mobile devices empowers them with greater control over their time, eradicating the need to choose between work productivity and training compliance.
  3. User Recognition: Serving the Right Training to the Right Person at the Right Time: In a world saturated with information that bombards healthcare professionals, Learner Mobile steps in as a smart system. It understands the unique preferences, learning styles, and job roles of the individuals on the other side of the screen. Armed with this knowledge, it delivers only the most pertinent training precisely when it is needed. No more sifting through countless options; Learner Mobile ensures that healthcare professionals receive content tailored to their specific needs, boosting engagement by up to three times compared to traditional HIPAA training. The result? Substantial improvements in compliance, and a sincere commitment to the success of our healthcare professionals.

As we continue this journey, we express our heartfelt thanks to the healthcare professionals who inspire our dedication. Learner Mobile stands as an advocate to their success as they drive better patient experiences and outcomes.


Mike Thompson – CEO, SVI and Learner Mobile

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