Learner Mobile Sets a New Standard in Analytics and Insights

The Learner Mobile analytics and developer team has just completed an extensive “research through redevelopment” implementation of Learner Mobile’s data analytics and insights capabilities. While the team at Learner Mobile works daily to continuously improve the next-generation learning platform, this latest implementation was a redesign to set a new industry standard for analytics and reporting.

 “I’m proud of the team…they went at it the right way starting with understanding the deeper felt needs of administrators and learners. The team did a lot of primary and secondary research and started with a framework that put the administrator’s wishes and desires at the center of the work”, said Tim Harmon, Learner Mobile’s CIO.

The framework that the Learner Mobile team developed to begin this elevation is shown below:

Much like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we needed to understand the learner’s journey before approaching data analytics. We wanted the analytics to be able to present a learner’s knowledge and performance successes or failures. Success to us meant that the learner would progress from adoption to engagement, engagement to readiness, and then ultimately become a learning advocate to support a performance-driven culture.

Learner Mobile’s analytics capabilities are needed to make it easy for administrators to track the learner’s journey, and ultimately, their readiness and performance.

 Following the framework, our analytics research and development team leaned on a very valuable resource – a book titled The Data Warehouse Toolkit by Ralph Kimball and Margy Ross. Learner Mobile’s Senior Developer, Victoria Day explains, “I was thankful to find this book because it really supported our data analytics and insights design and development at every stage. We gained a lot of wisdom in establishing the proper fundamentals in our design and it helped us set the proper hierarchies for data. The Data Warehouse Toolkit also provided some valuable best practices for our design and development processes.”

Another Learner Mobile Senior Developer, Cyrus Attoun, shared, “The insights we gained helped us apply our rules for ensuring well-formed data.” The Learner Mobile team playfully labeled these rules, “ Uncle Cyrus’s Rules of Data” which states the following:

  1. Well-formed data must be ACCURATE
  2. Well-formed data must be UNDERSTANDABLE
  3. Well-formed data must be GOVERNED
  4. Well-formed data must be PERFORMANT

So, if all of this sounds too techy and scientific for you, allow us to share how this has impacted the administrator’s experience. After all, the administrators have been the focal point of our work in analytics.

Due to Learner Mobile’s 2.0 Analytics and Insights elevation efforts, administrators now have: 

  1. Much more control over performance and readiness reporting.
  2. A more robust dashboard for easy access to the most critical data around adoption and engagement.
  3. Simplified data delivery for efficient consumption.
  4. Better filters for data configuration.
  5. Historic accuracy in reporting.
  6. Enhanced data security governance to ensure data and assets are used properly and managed consistently. 
  7. Framed for rapid expansion into AI.

Early indications from our clients are extremely positive. As Katherine Pratt, Director of Beauty Education and Development at Dillard’s puts it, “Learner Mobile has taken an already strong analytics platform and made it even better.  For us, information is power and the new reporting functionality lets us dig even deeper to empower our managers to coach and develop our associates based off of specific analytics.  Our user engagement has never been higher than it is now.”

Mike Thompson – CEO, SVI, and Learner Mobile

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