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Learner Mobile takes seamless training experiences to the next level by integrating with Microsoft for Single Sign-On (SSO) convenience. Employees can effortlessly access their training content, streamlining the login process and enhancing security.

Learner Mobile and Canva have teamed up to make training asset management easier. Now, administrators can easily move their beautifully designed training materials from Canva to Learner Mobile. You get the best of Canva’s design and Learner Mobile’s training capabilities in one seamless experience. 

Design with Canva, build with Learner Mobile – the perfect combination for top-notch training content.

Learner Mobile seamlessly integrates with Tableau and Power BI, empowering administrators to effortlessly craft robust dashboards using real-time data from their Learner Mobile platform.

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Learner Mobile thrives on easily connecting with various platforms and tools through xAPI and Zapier. If you have any integration requests, let us know below!