HR Tech Outlook Awards Learner Mobile as Top LMS for 2021

Originally published in August 2021 HR Tech Outlook:

The journey of Learner Mobile began with a humble beginning and greater goals. Founded in 2013 by parent company SVI, Learner Mobile leveraged years of experience building customized learning solutions for large corporate clients to deliver a next-generation learning management system (LMS) designed to meet the needs and desires of today’s learners. CEO Mike Thompson realized that the approach of most LMSs limited employee growth and wasn’t in line with how they learned and solved problems in the digital information age. He wanted to do more for today’s workforce by transforming the way they learn, develop, and grow.

Thompson and his team spent years researching talent and learning solutions; spending time with industry leaders and existing clients discovering pain points and discussing wish lists related to learning, employee performance, and engagement. After thorough research and analysis, he and his team identified a huge gap in the learning management space. “Firstly, learning platforms in the industry did not engage learners.

Secondly, existing LMSs focused too heavily on meeting compliance demands and often failed to successfully enable employees to perform,” explains Thompson. “Most systems treat compliance as the end-all, be-all. We considered it the starting point. Our research told us that today’s LMS must be an adaptable platform that delivers continuous learning to meet the work and lifestyles desired by modern learners.” To bridge this gap, Thompson and the SVI team created Learner Mobile, a versatile continuous learning platform and the market’s first affordable, modern LMS.

The Learner Mobile platform is one of the first products that successfully fills a critical need within the LMS space. Learner Mobile redefines the future of LMSs by combining best-in-class convenience, continuous learning, and configurability. “As the name suggests, mobility is crucial for us. We strive to create a powerful, productive, and engaging experience whether you’re accessing the platform through an iPhone, Android, computer, or tablet. Learner Mobile ensures that the experience and all of the functions and features are fully enabled wherever you are,” affirms Tim Harmon, Learner Mobile’s CIO and President.

The company’s LMS solution addresses three main challenges for the modern learner: learner engagement, meeting compliance requirements and enabling performance through personalized just-in-time and on-demand learning.

Learner Mobile’s research revealed that the explosion of readily available, fast, and convenient information had created a new type of learner with different needs and expectations. Modern learners are those who want to win every day. They want the right information at the perfect time so they can perform their best. Learner Mobile meets the modern learner’s needs by helping organizations deliver just-in-time, continuous content to improve organizational performance and ensure their people win the day. With built-in authoring and user-focused algorithms that dynamically serve up relevant learning opportunities, organizations can quickly deploy formal and informal curriculum and training that goes beyond compliance and delivers on-demand learning that optimizes performance. The system also helps users prioritize and pinpoint the content that a learner needs to know immediately, with tools like to-do lists, configurable channels, and an algorithm that ensures the right content is personalized for each type of learner.

Administrators can feature the most critical content as a banner to highlight content that needs immediate attention. Users can also be grouped into profiles and receive content specific to their category, based on their department, level in the organization, etc. “The modern learner also wants things to be visually interesting, engaging and personalized to their needs. To support that need, Learner Mobile invests heavily into creating an award-winning user experience dedicated to being simple and easy to navigate,” explains Erin Marchese, Learner Mobile’s COO.

The Learner Mobile platform is known for its customizability, allowing organizations to take on any look and feel so that their brand and culture shine through. It gives clients a competitive edge by using deep analytics that goes beyond compliance checks to capture real-time data on all behaviors within the system to boost performance and continuous improvement.

While organizations are modernizing their way of training and learning, security concerns are also rising. Cybercriminals are constantly evolving, and cybercrime has become the biggest threat to businesses. Learner Mobile provides a high level of security for content, data, and logins, meeting strict GDPR standards. All servers are SOC-2 compliant, and all data is encrypted.

Learner Mobile primarily serves four critical areas: retail, healthcare, higher education, and financial services. The company also has customers in the sporting, consumer goods industry, agriculture, and more. In the case of retail clients, most employees are on the floor, and when taken off, they lose productivity. Learner Mobile takes training onto the floor without forcing employees to the backroom and hindering productivity. “We meet learners when and where they need to learn – giving them on-demand, just-in-time training that helps them better sell and better solve customer’s needs,” highlights Thompson.

One retail client, Dillard’s, wished to elevate the skills and performance of their workforce. As the stores had different products and brands, they found it hard to keep their employees updated with all the new products features and sales information. The need of the hour was to keep the associates up to date on the wide range of brands and products at the store and educate them on delivering excellent customer service. “We were able to get the right information to each employee, and that had a significant impact on the overall sales, employee engagement, and retention,” says Thompson.

With such success stories and unparalleled capabilities, the future of Learner Mobile looks bright. The company has seen significant growth every year, and they have no reason to believe that will change. Recently, the launch of their third-generation mobile app helped them bring new game-changing innovation by delivering a completely different and powerful mobile experience. In a nutshell, by encouraging continuous learning, Learner Mobile stands tall as the right partner in laying the ground for a future-ready learning environment.

Originally posted in HR Tech Outlook:

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