How the Great Resignation Changed the Way We Work and Why LMS and Microlearning are crucial for Employee Retainment

Three out of five workers polled by ComPsych, the country’s largest provider of employee assistance programs (EAP), said job-related stress drained their interest, motivation and energy at work. Some specifically cited factors including cognitive weariness, emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue.

Other top reasons people have quit their jobs in the past couple of years include limited career progression, low salary and lack of training. In fact, many poll respondents said they would be more motivated at work if there were more training and learning opportunities.

Job security was also an issue among those polled. The pandemic caused some companies to lay off many of their employees, which in turn heaped work upon remaining staff members. The resulting burnout was a major contributor to The Great Resignation—an ongoing trend of departures that is draining talent pools and requiring companies to immediately address talent needs and improve employee retention.

Now that the world has “reopened,” companies are struggling to find qualified employees; therefore, it is paramount that they offer skills development to avoid losing mid-level workers to start-ups that may offer a more compelling upside. Simply put, unless firms can increasingly shell out money to retain experienced workers, they must train less-experienced staff quickly to match the output of the skilled personnel they’re losing. The upside is that companies that have lost employees can train, and then elevate, less-experienced employees via lower-cost, on-demand digital learning platforms that can quickly build employee readiness. Learner Mobile ( has found that digital, on-demand training reduces “time to readiness” by up to 40%. With the current difficulty of replacing experienced employees, efficiently and effectively training those already aboard has become the critical play.

Employees want to feel confident they can perform their job duties skillfully. Giving them the training tools they need promotes success and helps them feel more valued and empowered. Learner Mobile is dedicated to helping companies thrive by providing continuous learning delivered digitally in an on-demand, just-in-time, and micro-learning format for today’s learners and administrators.

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