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Your step-by-step guide to creating training your team will Love

When you sign up for Learner Mobile, you’ll embark on a seamless learning journey. Our step-by-step process will walk you through the essentials of getting your training program off the ground. You’ll discover how to publish your training content, add achievements to motivate your learners, effortlessly upload users, assign courses, and track progress.

Check out our helpful tutorials below!

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Learner Mobile simplifies the task of creating beautiful online training. Whether you’re building a course from scratch or importing from an existing source, the Page Builder lets you easily lay out your content and, when you’re satisfied, publish it.

Encourage learners to complete courses with Learner Mobile achievements. You can upload badges and dynamic certificates, then set them to unlock upon successful course completion. Achievements help you recognize and reward your learners for their hard work.

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You’ve got content and rewards; now, you need learners! Simply add employees from your organization individually or by group. They’ll receive an email invite with first-time login information. Once logged in, they can access all the amazing training you’ve built.

Learner Mobile simplifies the process of assigning required training through the To-do list. Start by opening the course you want to make compulsory, then either manually assign it to a learner’s To-do list or set the auto-assign feature. You can even set due dates to highlight and prioritize critical learning.

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Once your training is out there and learners are assigned, you’ll want to check their progress. Learner Mobile analytics are updated daily and provide a complete picture of how employees are interacting with your training. Metrics on adoption, completion, engagement, and readiness help ensure you have the insight to maximize performance.