Free Authoring, At Full Velocity

Free Authoring, At Full Velocity

From its beginnings, SVI’s flagship product, Learner Mobile, has chosen a path of innovation. Learner
Mobile has been the “first” or “one of the firsts” for several things. We were the first to create an LMS
that was optimized for mobile – after all, it’s in our name. By going mobile, we were able to meet field-
based workers who were rarely at a desk. We also hired visual and UX designers and committed to
creating beautiful and engaging screens across all devices that were intuitive. Learner Mobile was also
first to market with a focus on creating and deploying bite-sized training microlearning that could be
consumed in five-minute sessions.

Today, we continue innovating on all devices and maintain our low-cost leadership position with the
introduction of another “first” for the marketplace. Learner Mobile is the first to present a world-class
authoring tool built right into our LMS. I’m aware that many LMS’s claim they have an authoring tool,
but these authoring features are extremely limited and often served up as basic templates with
additional fees. Learner Mobile is changing the game by introducing an authoring tool that rivals the
best authoring tool products – but with Learner Mobile, it’s FREE!

We call it the Creator Tool because it not only features all the tools to build robust training courses, but
it also gives admins the tools to visually design engaging content. It even integrates with Canva and can
leverage AI in multiple ways.

One of the reasons we designed Learner Mobile’s creator tool is because our customers are challenged
each day with the need to quickly develop highly engaging training. With our new creator tool, any
administrator can create brand new training or upload existing training within minutes, not days. They
can create entire catalogs of content in hours not weeks.

Administrators can now access Learner Mobile’s free authoring at full velocity. And all authoring
features are delivered at the start of your free trial – no phasing or staging. Plus, any new client can
access our team of award-winning instructional designers to help them start strong with customized or
branded best-in-class training courses – for free. With Learner Mobile, there are literally no barriers for
creating and deploying wonderful training, fast!

Try it out and tell us what you think. We hope you enjoy it because we certainly had fun building it!

Mike Thompson – CEO, SVI and Learner Mobile

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