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Learner Mobile is an award-winning next generation learning management system that meets the needs of modern learners and workforces.

Learner Mobile is a comprehensive training platform with an integrated free creator tool that supports various training formats and languages with the support of our award-winning instructional and visual designers. 

Learner Mobile focuses on field-based workforce industries such as, but not limited to: 

  • Sales and Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Airlines and Aviation
  • Education
  • Energy

Learner Mobile currently supports English, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, and French, with 15 more languages coming in 2024! We’re happy to upload any specific language that you wish within a matter of days.

Learner Mobile has no limit on the number of courses, quizzes, or curricula you can create or upload.  

Profiles are how you group your teams or employees. You could have a profile for your marketing team, one for the training department, one for your frontline managers– whatever you need.  Profiles ensure the right training is assigned to the right employees and allow admins to create custom training paths to fit the needs of each team. 

Channels organize all the awesome content you create in Learner Mobile. Think of them as categories.  What categories of information will your learners need to see? Typically, you’ll create 3-8 channels per profile. 

Learner Mobile is a configurable platform that ensures training aligns with your company’s brand, business, and training prioritiesCourses and curricula can be customized using Learner Mobile’s integrated free content creator tool to ensure training is a seamless extension of your brand.   

Learner Mobile understands that what is created for you is yours, and not ours. 

By being available to Learners any time, anywhere on any device, here are just a few reasons why Learner Mobile is the perfect onboarding solution:  

  • 50% faster new employee readiness through learner-centric digitization 
  • Higher engagement levels during the onboarding process 
  • Increases productivity and efficiency by placing training in the flow of their work 
  • Significant cost savings for the organization 

Learner Mobile is built on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, which hosts all admin, learner, media, and API / xAPI services. All the cloud services were created using Microsoft’s best practices and procedures. Using Azure Cloud helps future-proof Learner Mobile for growth, ensuring the system can easily handle increased members, as well as sudden and prolonged usage spikes.

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