Don’t Just Get the Data ➙ Get the Data Story and Put it to Work

Don’t Just Get the Data ➙ Get the Data Story and Put it to Work

Do your LMS data insights start with adoption and end with compliance?

Adoption and compliance certainly are key data points, but they fall far short in supporting the engagement, development, readiness and success of your talent. A different level of insights is needed for your people to win the day so that your businesses can win the market. And your LMS should be the richest resource of behavioral data and the first indicator of lagging performance.

One of our clients said it best: “With Learner Mobile, we can predict who is going to be successful and who won’t be based on their learning behavior. Learner Mobile helps us drive behavior change before performance becomes a problem. That’s how we help our talent succeed.”

  1. Simply tracking training results means you’re putting the book down just when it’s getting good. Behavioral change resulting from effective training is what truly drives business results. Over the years, Learner Mobile has grown to stand alone, posting the highest scores in learner engagement, compliance, time to readiness and elevated performance resulting from training. We did so by realizing that traditional measures are just too basic to deliver the insights required to drive talent and business success.
  2. Far more important are data measures that provide windows into learner behaviors, patterns and performance trends. Learner Mobile can track and report on a variety of informal, self-guided and experiential learning behaviors. This is not just tracking how, when and where training happens, but how learners respond and engage with that learning through ratings, comments, ad hoc community content, etc.
  3. Integrate your training data and performance/success tracking platform. For example, Learner Mobile organizes its data warehouse so that each customer can easily connect their training stats and business analytics system (e.g., Power BI, Tableau). This confirms the value and payout of your LMS and showcases how learning is actually a critical indicator of business performance.
  4. Wrap analytics around talent engagement through your LMS. Learner Mobile measures engagement by employees’ activity levels. It can even indicate when talent may be at risk of leaving an organization. In addition to learning, your LMS should be a platform for communications, knowledge, best practices and much more. If an employee isn’t active within that resource, either your LMS isn’t meeting their needs, or the organization isn’t.
  5. Wrap analytics around talent readiness through your LMS. The most successful organizations can fast-track their employees from orientation to readiness. Learner Mobile helps accelerate time to readiness by offering short-form, microlearning, on-demand, self-paced and configurable courses to accommodate varied learning styles and pace. This helps drive up to a 50% increase in speed to readiness. Such insights mean real dollars and tangible value to the business.
  6. Wrap analytics around talent influence. Your LMS should engage your workforce in a culture of learning that drives continuous improvement. That means it should help build the learning community and drive its engagement. One way to do that is to lean on your community to build and extend the best and most valuable content or curriculum. Learner Mobile clients transform many of their most successful employees into meaningful content contributors. This gives them more exposure to the learning community and even turns those successful contributors into cultural influencers – advocates who champion the learning community, helping it to grow and thrive.

While we found this approach most helpful in providing to our clients a complete data story, there’re no shortage of ways to architect your analytics. We ourselves add to the playbook every day.

In the end, the data – the complete data story – is clear: Learning is a critical contributing factor for individual and business performance.

What’s your story? We’d love to hear from you how your data has driven team and business results. Onward!

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