Championing Field-based Workers and Their Success in the Energy Sector

Learner Mobile recently added a new industry partner to our field-based workforce – the energy sector. We are excited to serve this complex, compelling, and fast-growing segment because rather than just reading the headlines with an arms-length understanding, we’re now getting up close and personal with workers in the fields of oil and gas, solar power, coal, wind energy, nuclear power, and more. And we’re developing deep empathy for the challenges they face daily.

The Learner Mobile platform supports hundreds of thousands of field-based or hybrid workers, and millions of learning activities have been completed on their hand-held devices. These dedicated workers are our heroes because they are “in the trenches” nonstop meeting customer demands face to face. They’re hardworking, highly talented, multidisciplinary teams solving the hardest problems in the most challenging environments, often saving lives in the most chaotic conditions.

Learner Mobile helps power those who power our lives. We are thrilled to have them join our diverse clientele in receiving 24/7 support through on-demand and bite-sized training that is delivered within the flow of your work in an easily consumable way. Selecting Learner Mobile to deliver just-in-time content means companies can stay abreast of key safety information, as well as ongoing research, standards, development, training, information transfer, and support.

Training managers and administrators, give us a shout to learn why we are the easiest and most effective training solution for your field-based workers. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll fall in love with Learner Mobile that we’ll set you up with a free trial for the rest of 2022 that includes unlimited uploads of users and courses.

We can’t wait to serve you!

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