It’s not just data… It’s a Story

With Learner Mobile’s cutting-edge tracking technology and data analytics, you can ensure regulatory adherence and expand workforce capabilities. Anticipating employee performance with precision enables you to proactively address skill gaps and optimize training programs.

lms with analytics to track your training

Your training journey at a glance

At first glance, administrators get a sense of the overall health and progress of their training program. Administrators can make informed decisions, track progress, and optimize the experience with an instant snapshot of training effectiveness and behavior change.

Stay up-to-date on user Adoption

Administrators get a comprehensive breakdown of adoption by user profile, individual user statistics, and adoption trends. By examining these detailed insights, administrators gain an understanding of how different user groups engage with the training content and how adoption evolves over time.

Be on-top of employee Compliance

Effortlessly monitor employee progress, completion rates, and knowledge check results through configurable reports and data charts. Access and report real-time data to stakeholders and boost your compliance rates to all-time highs.

Ensure your team is engaged

Tracking employee engagement fosters a culture of continuous learning and performance. Learner Mobile goes beyond compliance tracking and delivers learning experiences that engage all users. Additionally, Learner Mobile tracks the effectiveness of each training module to ensure it achieves its objectives and delivers a more skilled and motivated workforce.

Drive speed to Readiness

Tracking employee readiness is vital for training and development. It helps ensure that employees are adequately prepared for their roles and ready to perform.

Identify and address skill gaps through targeted training while rewarding their progress towards readiness.