Accelerate Your Authoring With AI

Create Training fast and easy

Already an expert in training? Let us help you save time with AI and make more room for your creativity to flow.

New to the world of administering training? Don’t worry, Learner Mobile’s AI tool can help you stand up effective training fast!

Learn the best practices for applying AI to the creation of your training by clicking the link below!

Generate quizzes for your training

Learner Mobile’s AI Quiz Generator allows administrators to turn their training into quizzes in just a few clicks! Easily add quizzes at any point in your training to propel success, accelerate growth, and recognize achievement.

Source To Course

Our Source-to-Course AI tool allows you to take any documents (pdf, word, power point, etc.) and upload them for instant transformation into training that’s easy to consume and beautiful by design.

AI translations, AI course creation

If you already have eLearnings you can upload them straight into your Learner Mobile platform in just a couple clicks!

AI translations

Learner Mobile’s AI translations feature allows you to instantly translate your training content into over 100 languages in seconds!

Give your training a voice

Effectively communicating to your team is crucial to their success. Use Learner Mobile’s AI tool to quickly capture the right tone for your training that engages your workforce.

Summarize and clarify your training

Learner Mobile’s AI assistant allows you to quickly summarize any training content with just a few clicks, saving valuable time for administrators.

And it doesn’t stop there! Use AI to ensure training is easy-to-understand and effective. 

Proof your awesome work

There’s no need to spend time triple checking your training. Use AI to check grammar and punctuation on any and all training content within seconds! 

Learning management system with an authoring tool